Soft and Romantic Updo

Creating the perfect updo is sometimes a difficult task without the right direction and inspiration. Here is an easy updo for any occasion. With a couple of extra hands, a comb, and some bobby pins, you can create this textured style in just a few minutes.

Photography | Whitney Wysong Photography

What you will need:

bobby pins, comb or teasing brush, hairspray, curling iron

Step 1:

Begin by curling the whole head with a 1 in. curling iron.

Step 2:

Tease the crown of the head and pull back into a half up style and pin with a bobby pin. 

Step 3:

Start taking small 2 inch sections from each side and rolling the section to the center of the head and pin. Continue to do this switching from side to side until you are at the bottom of the nape. 

Step 4:

Once all of the hair is up and pinned, begin pulling each section to loosen them up to create a more textured look. 

Step 5: